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How long does an airbrush tan last?
Depending on how well you moisturize the sunless tan should last up to 7 days.
Will I look orange or streaky??
NO!! Spray tanning has taken a giant leap since the orange streaky skin days, making the overall experience and results much better. We guarantee our results leaving you comfortable with your color.
What should I wear for this service?
You can wear as much or as little as you’d like as long as you are comfortable. One of the greatest benefits is that all of our airbrush technicians are professionally trained, so you can relax throughout the entire process.
NOTE: We do recommend that if you do wear undergarments or a bathing suit during this process that it be either dark colored or old so that none of your clothing is ruined. Also, loose dark clothing is recommended to wear after your tan due to some of the cosmetic bronzers rubbing off on your clothing.
How does an airbrush tan work?
Our solution is made with DHA. DHA is usually derived from a vegetable such as beets or sugar cane. The color you see right when you are receiving your tan is not the DHA, but a cosmetic bronzer so that the tan technician can assure the most even tan possible. DHA oxidizes on the skin to create your bronzed tan over a period of 8 hours leading to our next question.
How long do I have to wait before I can shower?
You will need to wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower, crying, sweating, or walking in the rain. Putting on liquid foundation, sunscreen, or any type of lotion before showering could also lead to streakiness or splotches on the skin.

Skin Tips Before and After Your Tan:

Before: While taking a warm shower/bath, shave (do not use any type of oil based products) and exfoliate well. DO NOT put lotion or deodorant on after the shower!!
After: Wait 8 hours before coming in contact with any type of liquid on the skin. Taking a shower rather than a bath will result in a longer lasting tan. Bathe gently with a bar of soap or body wash. Avoid using loofa’s, bath rags, or scrubs. MOISTURIZE twice daily to maintain the longevity of your tan.